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Family Nest

Posted by martinteller on February 1, 2008

When I started watching this, I thought what the fuck, I don’t watch Bela Tarr for cinema verité.  But after my initial disappointment, it turned out to be quite good.  Like Almanac of Fall, it’s about relationships crumbling under claustrophobic conditions, but this time in more realistic and relatable style.  A working woman, her young child and her scumbag of a husband share a cramped flat with the husband’s family.  Worst of all is the father-in-law, an utterly contemptible bastard.  The couple can’t get their own place for several years because of bureaucratic Communist housing restrictions, and so they are forced to suffer the father-in-law’s barrage of verbal abuse and harassment.  The verité style works well here, giving the film the feel (as the prologue indicates) that even if this exact story didn’t happen to these exact people, it might as well have.  The excellent acting helps too.  Depressing, but riveting.  Rating: 8


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