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2 or 3 Things I Know About Her

Posted by martinteller on February 15, 2008

More half-baked bullshit from Godard.  All empty philosophical musings, the kind of uninteresting crap like “What do words mean?” and “How do I know that blue wasn’t misnamed green?” that might fascinate a pack of stoned college freshmen but leaves me absolutely cold.  It’s all just a random collection of stuff that has nothing to do with anyone’s lives, means nothing, reveals nothing.  In between he gets off some adolescent potshots at consumerism and America.  Bravo for your impotent raging against the machine, Jean-Luc!  At least the photography is nice, with lots of bright colors, and the film is constructed in a way that would be interesting if the content wasn’t all intellectual masturbation.  But there’s little of the playfulness that makes Band of Outsiders or A Woman is a Woman so fun.  What a drag.  Rating: 3


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