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Mat i Syn (Mother and Son)

Posted by martinteller on March 19, 2008

As a rather short (65 minutes) film with very little dialogue, I have to admit this is somewhat light on content.  A man takes care of his dying mother.  They have a very loving relationship.  And… well, that’s about it.  There are some nuances, but don’t expect a whiz-bang plot.  It’s essentially a quiet meditation on life and death, mothers and sons.  However, it is gobsmackingly, breathtakingly gorgeous.  Movie Review Cliché #1: “dreamlike”.  Images are filtered through a gentle haze, a dull glow.  And at least half of the film is shot with an odd “skewed” effect, as if viewing it from an extreme angle.  It sounds gimmicky, but it works beautifully, creating a mild sense of disorientation, and giving the audience an unusual perspective.  Movie Review Cliché #2: “you could take any frame and hang it on the wall”.  This is one of the most painterly movies I’ve ever witnessed, and I did indeed pause it frequently to drink in a particularly artful image.  Easily in my top 10 most beautiful films of all time (and yes, I did start composing this list in my head).  Requires some patience, but if you just chill out and let yourself become absorbed, it’s well worth it.  Rating: 9


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