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Meet Me in St. Louis

Posted by martinteller on March 31, 2008

Really wonderful.  The plot is pure fluff… based on the mildest of dramatic conflicts, if you could even call them conflicts at all.  But it is a warm and inviting story.  And anyway, you don’t watch a musical for the plot, you watch it for the musical sequences.  And oh, how joyous and transcendent they are.  “The Trolley Song” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” are glorious, soaring highlights, but there really isn’t a stinker in the bunch (I guess I didn’t care much for the title song).  My only big complaint is that it needed MORE songs!  There’s a long stretch without any, especially while we sludge through the Halloween business which is the most uninteresting part of the film (gah, who cares about Tootie?).  So I would have appreciated a couple more tunes, but I’m still going to add this to my collection at some point (I’ll probably wait for the inevitable Blu-Ray, where the Technicolor should really shine).  Rating: 9


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