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Double Indemnity (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on April 4, 2008

Like Casablanca, this movie is great not because it illuminates the human condition or stands as a fine work of art, but because it’s a flawlessly executed piece of entertainment. It’s perfect exactly how it is, and it’s the kind of movie that immediately sucks you in and doesn’t let go. I’ll point out one brilliant bit of business, done almost as a throwaway. Macmurray is at his apartment, having angrily left Stanwyck’s house after she hints at her murder idea. She shows up at his door and they have a brief exchange about how he left his hat at her place. She clearly has no hat with her, and of course they both know he didn’t leave his hat there, but they go through the charade in the most mechanical, perfunctory manner. I’m not describing it well at all, but it’s the perfect way to demonstrate that neither one is willing to play games at this point. Rating: 10


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