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Play Time (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on April 25, 2008

I’ve been so focused on catching up with some of the classics I’ve missed, that I’ve been neglecting all the DVDs I bought recently to enjoy re-watching.  Although there are a few moments when Play Time gets a little bit tiresome (mainly during the nightclub episode, which goes on too long), it certainly is enjoyable to watch.  A work of mellow social satire as the inhabitants (and visitors) of Paris find themselves constantly at battle with ridiculous and sterile modernities.  Inventive and brilliant.  It made me want to revisit the first two Hulot films as well, I might just end up buying them.  Rating: 9


Also on the disc, the short Cours du Soir, not directed by Tati but he wrote it and stars in it as a mime instructor.  Amusing, but not the best showcase for his talents.  There’s a callback to L’Ecole des Facteurs.  The horseback sequence has some funny ideas, but the obvious time jumps are distracting.  Rating: 6

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