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Posted by martinteller on May 7, 2008

Sad to think this would have completely slipped under my radar if it hadn’t appeared on a couple of lists I’m working on.  Based on a Virginia Woolf novel (which I haven’t read), it’s wildly inventive and very playful.  I don’t know which inventions are Potter’s and which are Woolf’s, but I loved how it toys with gender roles, time, and the fourth wall.  And all with sparkling wit and whimsy and insight.  Tilda Swinton is absolutely terrific in it.  It greatly resembles a Peter Greenaway work, not only in its conception but also in the music (very Michael Nyman) and the production design (by people who have also worked with Greenaway).  The film is quite beautiful.  However, the very end was a letdown — a dreadfully blunt song by Jimmy Sommerville (who I already wasn’t that fond of) in a cameo appearance.  Not enough to ruin the whole experience, but that final moment really just didn’t work at all for me.  Rating: 9


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