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Oktyabr (October)

Posted by martinteller on May 21, 2008

When it comes to silents, some are still engaging experiences, and some, although impressive for their time, are kind of a drag.  This is not one of the engaging ones.  It lacks the entertainment value of The General, the visual wizardry of Man With a Movie Camera, the compelling narrative of Metropolis, and the “wow” factor of Napoleon.  It’s just dry as dirt, about as exciting as a school lesson.  I’m sure a film scholar could point to a dozen things that make it noteworthy, and a Soviet historian could comment on its political significance, but for me it was little more than an exercise in montage filmmaking.  I have no doubt that it was influential, and it sports a few intriguing images, but I could never get involved with it.  It’s really hard to imagine someone saying, “Boy, I’m really in the mood to watch October right now!” (whereas I could picture that for Eisenstein’s Strike).  Rating: 6


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