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Syndromes and a Century

Posted by martinteller on May 26, 2008

What an amazing and unique work.  Contemplative, mysterious, and beautifully heartfelt.  I love films that employ these kinds of meditative rhythms, and I love films whose mysteries invite you to revisit them.  The structure of this movie is unlike any other I’ve seen before, where a story (the meeting of the director’s parents, apparently) is told, and then re-told in a different setting, with the same jumping off point but branching off in different directions.  One pays special attention to the mirroring instances between the two stories, many of which are done in subtle ways.  The photography invokes an eerie blend of the peaceful and the vaguely unsettling, and the performances are all very naturalistic.  Checking out the other films by Weerasethakul has shot up to the top of my priority list.  Rating: 9


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