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The Arrival of Joachim Stiller

Posted by martinteller on June 20, 2008

Boy, I’m bummed out that I didn’t get more movies watched tonight.  We went out to dinner for my birthday, but that only took a couple of hours.  I’m not sure how I squandered away so much time.  This is a somewhat eccentric film, not quite out there enough to be called “weird” but definitely not your run-of-the-mill movie.  It fits into that category of enigmatic 70’s films that are in the realm of mysterious horror, or scary mysteries.  I was really, really into it at first but it felt kinda long and started to meander.  The whole subplot about Siegfried the urinal artist could have easily been dropped entirely, especially since it was mostly played for stupid gags and had only the barest connection to the main thread of the story.  Kumel does some interesting stuff though, and the film has a lot of retro charm.  I came away with the impression that the novel is probably better, but the film was mostly worthwhile.  Rating: 8


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