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Hôtel Terminus

Posted by martinteller on July 13, 2008

“Hotel Interminable” is more like it.  With The Sorrow and the Pity, Marcel Ophuls proved he could make a 4+ hour documentary about WWII that’s compelling and watchable.  Here he proves he can make one that’s dull and confusing.  The film goes on endless tangents about specific events, and who knew what, and who blames who, and it’s all exceedingly difficult to follow for anyone (like myself) not already familiar with the events and major players.  Ophuls also presents himself as a Michael Moore-ish figure, obnoxiously badgering people, pushing his agenda, and trying to be funny.  A few parts are interesting, but on the whole I’d recommend only for those intensely curious about Klaus Barbie and the events he was involved in.  Rating: 4


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