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The Misfits

Posted by martinteller on September 6, 2008

Notable primarily as the last film for both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe.  They could have gone out with something better than this.  What starts out as a promising character study of a small pack of lost souls becomes buried under Arthur Miller’s terrible script (I’m not all that crazy about “Death of a Salesman” either).  The dialogue has a theatricality to it that (unlike, say, Network) it doesn’t earn.  Characters are constantly speaking in philosophical quips, introspective musings and symbolic observations.  There’s a tedious and embarrassing bout of drunken acting, but otherwise Gable and Monroe both do the best they can with the material, as does Eli Wallach.  I was disappointed when halfway through the film, the wonderful Thelma Ritter gets swapped out for boring ol’ Montgomery Clift.  As usual, John Huston’s direction fails to leave an impression, and the film’s score (like the script) is overdone.  There’s a lot of wasted potential here, with an intriguing cast of characters.  A film that deserved to be better than it is.  Rating: 5


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