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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Posted by martinteller on September 23, 2008

Apparently watching Albert Finney in this is what inspired Malcolm McDowell to get into the movies.  And it shows… his portrayal of Alex DeLarge has much of the same swagger and attitude (and dialect) as Finney’s characterization of Arthur Seaton.  And he pulls off the ruffian charisma just as well as McDowell, maybe even better.  He’s the heart and soul of this film, the rest of it is your pretty standard kitchen sink/”angry young man” fare.  I mean, it was fine and all, the Freddie Francis cinematography was good, but I wasn’t terribly impressed by any aspect of it besides Finney’s performance.  But perhaps this wasn’t the best choice to watch after something like Baby Jane.  It wasn’t boring, just didn’t wow me.  Rating: 7


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