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Mon Oncle Antoine

Posted by martinteller on December 3, 2008

Here’s another French-Canadian coming-of-age film, but this one’s got a lot less shit-trading, meat masturbation and cat-raping.   I wouldn’t call it “Canada’s best film”… I haven’t seen a whole lot, but I prefer The Sweet Hereafter and Guy Maddin, for all his faults, is pretty damn interesting.  But it’s very good, authentic and bittersweet.  The film’s final anecdote involves a family losing their eldest child on Xmas Eve (not a spoiler, it’s not a major character).  The same thing happened in my family, so I found this section exceptionally moving.  I also thought the acting was superb, the music very nice and restrained, and the cinematography was good and occasionally even stunning.  My only complaint is that there isn’t much here that you haven’t seen before.  But even if it’s a somewhat familiar story, it’s still quite well told.  Rating: 8


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