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Posted by martinteller on December 6, 2008

My first Garbo picture, and I didn’t like it.  Lubitsch (the director) and Wilder (the co-writer) are both hit & miss with me, and this one is definitely a miss.  McCarthy would have loved this movie, it never misses a chance to get in a broad jab at Soviet Russia.  Ninotchka’s transformation is ridiculously abrupt, and quite unbelievable, considering how much Garbo overplays the cold, no-nonsense Bolshevik role.  And Melvyn Douglas is an unlikeable, smarmy little twit.  Some of the one-liners are funny, but it’s more like they’re funny on paper.  In the context of this irritating crap, they barely elicit a smile.  Very little fun to be had here.  Rating: 4


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