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Le Notti bianche

Posted by martinteller on December 27, 2008

Maria Schell plays a woman who pines for Jean Marais almost as much as Jean Cocteau did, and Marcello Mastroianni is a man trying to steal her heart.  Based on a Dostoyevsky story (which I haven’t read, but I’d like to,) it’s a lovely, dramatic bit of romance.  Visconti isn’t afraid to let his characters’ flaws shine through: Natalia is a bit flighty and Mario is a schemer.  But we end up liking them anyway.  The film, taking place almost entirely at night time, sports some beautifully lit scenes, in the gorgeous sets of city streets.  The nightclub/cafe scene was especially memorable.  Not as moving or charming as I Fidanzati, but a nice piece of work.  Rating: 8


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