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Joy Division

Posted by martinteller on April 9, 2009

There has certainly been a lot of celluloid spilled over Ian Curtis in recent years, but he’s worthy of the attention.  Of all the musicians who departed too soon, I think Curtis is the most tragic.  Two entirely brilliant albums, a handful of equally brilliant singles… and that’s it.  I deeply love New Order’s music as well, but I wish I could visit a parallel universe where Ian Curtis lives on, somehow having overcome his demons but still creating such profoundly moving work.  As for this documentary, it’s pretty straightforward: light on the stock footage (except for performances) and heavy on reflective interviews from the band and various other related figures (I think this is the first time I’ve seen film of Richard Kirk outside of the “Sensoria” video).  It tells the story in a satisfying manner, mostly chronological, putting things into perspective emotionally and culturally.  Like Control, the film ends with “Atmosphere”, but it’s such a perfect song that I didn’t mind at all.  Rating: 8


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