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Posted by martinteller on April 18, 2009

The cinematography is okay and the period detail is excellent.  But there wasn’t much else about this film I liked.  I hate the character of Livia (Alida Valli): deceitful to her husband, clingy with her lover, a traitor to her people, and a vengeful bitch when she finally gets what she deserves.  All because (it’s implied) she’d never been boned so well before.  It’s hard to believe in anyone going so ridiculously ga-ga over boring old Farley Granger.  Of course Granger is dubbed, quite badly, in Italian for this movie, with plenty of overacting.  But if you really want to see some overacting, look no further than Valli, who chews the scenery like it’s made out of Twizzlers.  It seems like somehow there’s the makings of a good film here, but it got lost along the way.  Rating: 5


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