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Adieu Philippine

Posted by martinteller on August 29, 2009

A young camera assistant at a television studio has two months before he’s going to be called up into military service.  He meets two girls and spends his days with them, while they all try to figure out who’s wooing who.  If I had to pick one film to explain what “French New Wave” is to someone, I think I might pick this one.  Although mostly forgotten now (and Rozier’s name rarely gets uttered among those like Godard and Truffaut, even though they both lavished praise on this film), it fully embodies the nouvelle vague and all its characteristics.  Rejection of old studio methods, location shooting, youth-oriented, pop culture, modern music, minimal plotting with more focus on episodic “moments”, improvisation, experimental techniques (especially jump cuts).  It’s a perfect example.  Which isn’t to say it’s a perfect movie… it seems to run out of gas at times, wallowing in certain dead spots for a little too long.  And the acting isn’t that hot… of the three principal actors, this was the only role for two of them, and the third only did a few other things.  But it’s mostly a lot of fun and very charming.  Rating: 8


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