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Posted by martinteller on August 29, 2009

Kind of a poor man’s My Fair Lady.  It’s a period film about a girl growing up and becoming sophisticated, it’s got a Lerner & Loewe score, it’s got a guy who can’t really sing that well so he talks through most of his lyrics (Rex Harrison/Louis Jordan).  When it doesn’t have is that magnificent quality, and doesn’t hold up as well as My Fair Lady (or other Minnelli musicals like An American in Paris or Meet Me in St. Louis).  But it does have Maurice Chevalier, delightful once again as a character both charming and pervy (few things are creepier than a 70 year-old Chevalier singing “Thank Heaven for Little Girls”).  Nothing else really stands out, but it’s all done well enough.  Leslie Caron is cute, the sets and costumes are serviceable, and if few of the songs are very memorable, at least none of them are obnoxious.  And another plus: no boring ballet sequence.  Rating: 7


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