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Assault on Precinct 13

Posted by martinteller on October 29, 2009

Meh.  Another overhyped and disappointing John Carpenter film.  I do like his synth-tastic score, and the technical aspects — editing, camerawork — are well done.  And the movie does have a couple of tense moments and sometimes manages to be fairly suspenseful.  But so much of it is riddled with nonsensical actions, unanswered questions, characterization that rarely rings true (talk about forced romance!) and plot holes.  And I love it when movies have roving gangs (“Street Thunder”! ooh how intimidating) of improbably multi-racial psychotics who seem to have no plan for profitable crime, just randomly murdering ice cream vendors and driving away.  The main premise is basically a rip-off of Night of the Living Dead except with an explanation even less plausible than zombies.  I wouldn’t be bothered by how little sense it all makes if only it was a little more fun.  But it’s not fun enough, not really anything enough.  Pretty bad acting, too.  Rating: 5


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