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Veronika Voss

Posted by martinteller on November 7, 2009

A beautifully shot homage to classic noir, evoking traces of Sunset Boulevard, The Third Man and maybe Gaslight.  It’s a compelling, swiftly-moving story of a sports journalist who gets involved with a washed-up actress.  The high contrast black & white photography, liberal use of unusual wipes and striking musical choices are the highlights.  I enjoyed watching it, but like a lot of Fassbinder, by the end I felt like “well, that’s that”.  I think he manages to make his films very distinctive, but they rarely catch hold of me.  I suspect that there’s a lot of subtext that I’m too dense and/or lazy to pick up on.  I’m not good with subtext, to be brutally honest with myself.  Rating: 7


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