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Boogie Nights (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on December 18, 2009

I generally like Paul Thomas Anderson, but pretty much everything he’s done has been overrated and overhyped.  This is the only one I want to have in my collection.  It’s not perfect… PTA’s a little too enamored with the tracking shots (although I like the I Am Cuba homage) and as good as the soundtrack is, it tends to overwhelm the film too often.  But it’s a gloriously fun movie, with memorable performances of memorable characters, and a lot of flashy style.  There are so many scenes and snatches of dialogue that stick with you.  Rating: 9


4 Responses to “Boogie Nights (rewatch)”

  1. Alan said

    I’m kind of puzzled by your description of this movie as “gloriously fun”. People being beaten up, a guy shooting his nympho wife and then himself. A plain guy doomed to unhappiness with his crush on the lead. A girl overdosing on bad coke. The lead an unhappy young man “blessed”(?) with a huge cock. , who uses it to create an escape from one unfortunate existence and finds himself involved in an even worse one. A woman involved in the porn business who is a drug addict and mourns the custody loss of her child- er like a professional prostitute is a good mother. It’s surprising nowadays how often porn actors/ actresses are presented as making legitimate career choices. They get paid more than the average prostitute but let’s face it they are in fact being paid to have sex, it might be on screen but nevertheless they are still functioning as prostitutes.

    • A poor choice of words, perhaps… but PTA does keep the film lively and entertaining. The subject matter is not really “fun”, but the style, momentum and energy is, in that it’s consistently riveting. Like, say, GOODFELLAS, it’s a movie that takes very dark material and presents it in a way that is compelling and thrilling without downplaying the grimness of the scenario.

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