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Grey Gardens

Posted by martinteller on December 19, 2009

A uniquely captivating documentary.  “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” (who happen to be the aunt and cousin of Jackie O) while away their years in a dilapidated house in upstate New York.  The crumbling residence is an apt metaphor for their lives, full of stories but with all its glamour fading.  The interactions between the two are very Cassavetes, lots of rambling stories, backhanded compliments, tangential observations and brief spurts of bickering.  Little Edie in particular is a character in every sense of the word, with the most surprising and amusing speech mannerisms.  She longs to escape Grey Gardens, but these two are so fiercely co-dependent that you can’t imagine one existing without the other.  The film does get rather one-note, and the note can be quite shrill, but it’s hard to look away from this unusual trainwreck.  Rating: 8


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