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You, the Living (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on January 22, 2010

Just came out on DVD, and with generous extra features.  It’s very much the baby brother of Songs from the Second Floor, but that’s fine with me.  It’s supposed to the second of a trilogy anyway.  Andersson can keep churning out similar movies for the rest of his life and I’ll be happy (sadly, with his age and the time he takes on each film, there might not be many more).  I just love his sense of style… the drab, sterile environments, the (mostly) static camera, the careful compositions, the interplay between foreground and background, the walking dead look of the actors, the ubiquitous sousaphones, the sense of the fantastic meeting the crushingly mundane.  This one definitely has a lighter touch than its predecessor.  There’s even some camera movement!  In two different scenes!  But it’s also darker.  Andersson finds dark comedy in our eternal tragedy, and deep melancholy in our minor joys.  The one scene that could be considered “happy” is a dream.  And largely the film is about our inability to live our dreams, our profound inadequacy as human beings.  Rating: 9


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