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Night of the Demon

Posted by martinteller on February 13, 2010

Terrific beginning, terrific ending… everything in between is a mixed bag.  Scenes that are fairly interesting or suspenseful (the meetings with Karswell, the Hobart hypnosis) are intertwined with some dull exposition, treading water, and Dana Andrews wrestling with a stuffed animal.  A number of really shoddy rear projection shots didn’t help anything, either.  I suspect the truncated American version feels a lot tighter.  In general I guess it was a pretty good horror flick and I can see why it would have cult appeal, but it didn’t really push my buttons that much.  I think Tourneur’s I Walked With a Zombie is a much better take on a similar premise.  At least now I know where the Kate Bush sample on “Hounds of Love” comes from.  Rating: 7


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