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Gaslight (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on March 19, 2010

This movie does have its flaws.  Ingrid Bergman is too hysterical and pathetic, the beginning and the ending are too drawn out, and the surprises are none too surprising (although it’s hard to judge on a third viewing… they might have been more surprising the first time).  But I just love how it’s plotted, I always get wrapped up in it, and so even being aware of its shortcomings it’s still a favorite.  Charles Boyer is such an evil bastard, and his plan is so fucking devious that you almost wish you could try it out on someone.  My wife would never fall for it, of course.  It’d be hard to imagine any woman falling for it nowadays.  I think a modern version with the genders reversed would be interesting, actually.  The 1940 adaptation is also on the DVD, supposedly it doesn’t have some of the problems this version has.  I’ll have to watch it sometime, but not today.  Rating: 9


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