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His Kind of Woman

Posted by martinteller on April 8, 2010

Not my kind of movie.  Messy blend of film noir and romantic comedy, with a bit of farcical adventure thrown in the mix.  Some terrific dialogue and some terrific moments, but waaaay too long, a little too complicated and quite unfocused.  The third act was slapped together, and it shows.  Scenes abruptly shift from Robert Mitchum getting the shit kicked out of him to Vincent Price acting like a buffoon, and back again.  The noir elements are mostly okay and the comedy elements are mostly okay, but they just don’t gel.  I also don’t find Jane Russell that alluring, curvy figure notwithstanding.  She doesn’t seem to have any sort of personality that you can latch onto.  Price is funny and Mitchum is Mitchum, it’s just that the film is too confused about what it wants to be, and doesn’t even have that great of a story to hang on.  Rating: 6


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