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High and Low (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on April 9, 2010

More proof that Kurosawa can do a contemporary crime thriller as well as any American, and better than most.  Although quite long (much lengthier than the average noir) it never feels gratituitously slow and the plot develops at a brisk, natural pace.  The police procedural elements are some of the the finest and most compelling I’ve ever seen, with a fantastic attention to detail and thorough detective work.  Individual moments stick with you forever: the pink smoke, the image of the child and his captor as the train rockets past, the haunting “dope alley” sequence and the incredible coda.  The sense of sweltering heat is palpable throughout, with fans constantly blowing and actors wiping sweat from their brows (or even their armpits).  Music is also used very well, and only when it really adds something to the scene.  Kurosawa’s best film in a modern setting, and one of his best overall.  Rating: 10


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