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Ad ogni costo (Grand Slam)

Posted by martinteller on June 18, 2010

I do love me some heist movies, and this one is about as pure as it gets.  Except for a couple of minutes regarding a Brazilian hottie, not a moment is wasted on anything not related to the caper.  The meticulous planning, careful execution, the aftermath… and a witty little denouement.  It does follow a formula, but does it beautifully, with a lot of clever details and tense near-misses.  The film could use a bit more polish, though.  There are some minor flaws, little things like shoddy rear projection, or two notes written by different characters in the exact same handwriting (or the line “I have that reputation in almost three continents”… almost?).  Nothing earth-shattering, just brief take-you-out-of-the-moment things.  Also, although the performances are all solid, none really stand out except Klaus Kinski, doing his usual intense Klaus Kinski thing.  However, there are also some great touches, especially during the heist itself.  Or the card catalog of underworld specialists, including “military”, “tipsters” and “homosexuals”.  Also a fun, eccentric Morricone score.  Rating: 8


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