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Posted by martinteller on June 23, 2010

I avoided this for nearly 10 years because it looked like something I would hate.  But looks can be deceiving.  They can also… not be deceiving.  Within the first three minutes, there’s a fart joke and “All Star”.  I have a strict “no Smash Mouth” policy.  As the movie progresses, there are jokes about pee, snot, ear wax, bad breath, dicks, balls and ass.  When it’s not being “irreverent” and crude, it’s loaded with horribly tired gags, vacuous pop culture parodies, and uninspired attempts at fairy tale irony.  However, it wasn’t a total loss.  The animation is quite good for its era, even managing to avoid the “uncanny valley” on the human characters most of the time.  The story, when stripped of the awful sense of humor, is actually rather engaging and charming.  And I truly enjoyed Eddie Murphy’s performance, his delivery of “Look at my eye twitching” even made me laugh out loud.  It made me long for the days when he did funny movies.  But at the end, the movie pissed away any goodwill it had earned with a jokey montage, over a cover of “I’m a Believer” by… fucking Smash Mouth.  So painful.  So painful.  Rating: 5


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