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A Man For All Seasons

Posted by martinteller on June 25, 2010

I’m not sure who I should be more angry with: Columbia for releasing this DVD as a flipper with a widescreen side and a fullscreen side, or the public library for smothering the widescreen side with their goddamn security sticker, forcing me to watch the modified version.  Although I doubt it would have made much difference.  This is the kind of stuffy period piece that gives period pieces a bad name.  It all seems so phony, none of it comes off as genuine.  A bunch of actors playing dress-up and doing that all huffy Royal Shakespeare Company kind of bullshit.  For most of it I was quite bored, especially as it centers around two institutions I think are completely ridiculous and useless: the monarchy and the church.  In the latter part of the film, it becomes a more interesting exploration of More’s integrity… but who cares when the matter of integrity concerns which snatch the King buries his prick in?  Not me.  Rating: 5


One Response to “A Man For All Seasons”

  1. Alan said

    I remember seeing this when it first came out..and although I am English and quite interested in the period of history and the personalities, I remember finding it quite boring. Although I found Robert Shaw’s portrayal of Henry quite convincing. He combined the good looking Henry with the ego boasting self indulgence of the man and also gave good indications of his ability to be all too aware of the power and cruelty he was capable of.

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