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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans

Posted by martinteller on June 25, 2010

Except for a few delightfully weird or ecstatic moments (most of which are in the trailer), this is barely recognizable as a Herzog film.  But at least it’s far more interesting than Rescue Dawn, and I’ve pretty much accepted that Herzog saves most of his Herzogiosity for his documentaries now anyway.  And it’s his most fun movie since… well, probably Even Dwarfs Started Small.  If the film isn’t exactly a revelation, at least it strikes a comfortable and pleasing balance between black comedy and crime drama.  Nicolas Cage hits just the right mark of being unhinged without going completely goofy.  He does pick up an odd nasal dialect about halfway through the film and then loses it again, but whatever.  I especially liked the magic lucky crackpipe.  I also like the idea that this movie has nothing to do with its namesake beyond the basic premise.  They should just keep passing along the “Bad Lieutenant” baton every 15-20 years.  Rating: 8


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