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Our Daily Bread

Posted by martinteller on July 9, 2010

The tale of a down on his luck would-be farmer who starts a socialistic community.  The historical Depression-era perspective is interesting, but as cinematic storytelling, it leaves much to be desired.  The acting is pretty awful all around, especially Tom Keene in the lead (as in The Crowd, the character’s name is “John Sims” but I’m not sure how much to make of that).  The writing isn’t that great either, with a lot of things being spelled out that don’t need to be, and characters that are flat as a board.  The self-serving “Sally” was a particularly groan-worthy and ham-fisted addition.  Get this jazz-lovin’ city gal out of here, we only need salt of the earth noble peasants here!  However, the ditch-digging finale is mighty impressive, and almost makes the rest of it worth sitting through.  Rating: 5


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