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Dillinger is Dead

Posted by martinteller on July 17, 2010

See, this is why I love Criterion.  Bless them for releasing the films I already love in pristine, deluxe editions.  But bless them double for introducing me to stuff like this.  Marco Ferreri’s deliriously ambiguous, inscrutable treatise on modern ennui, alienation, pop culture and misogyny, it absolutely delighted and intrigued me.  Michel Piccoli turns in a fascinating performance as a gas mask designer who suddenly appears to go off the deep end.  His strange, anarchic actions are amusing and confusing and vaguely (sometimes not so vaguely) threatening, and it’s often impossible to tell what is going on in his head or what is driving him.  Ferreri also uses diegetic music (emanating from the ever-present radios) to tremendous effect, sometimes as odd and distanced as Piccoli himself.  The film completely creeps under your skin and defies you to decipher all its meanings, while remaining consistently entertaining.  I immediately ordered the DVD and put all the available Ferreri in my Netflix queue.  Wonderfully enigmatic surrealist social critique that comes off like an oddball combination of Bunuel and Akerman.  Rating: 9


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