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Posted by martinteller on September 10, 2010

I use the word “interesting” a lot (way too often) in my reviews.  And Passion is interesting.  Godard draws some parallels between love and work, comments on the plight of workers (there are repeated allusions to the Solidarnosc movement in Poland) and makes an 8 1/2 type of self-referential film about filmmaking.  However, “interesting” doesn’t necessarily mean “good”, and for every scene that raises your interest (and there are a few very good ones), there’s another one to chase it away.  It’s a relentlessly messy work, and although I do respect Godard’s willingness to make movies with utter disregard for his audience, it’s not always much fun to be part of that audience.  A lot of this shit is really irritating or really dull, even when it does make sense.  Also, it’s perfectly fine to make a movie without a story, but when you’re constantly telling the audience there’s no story you’re just a pompous asshole.  Raoul Coutard’s photography was rather nice, though.  Rating: 5


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