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La hora de los hornos (The Hour of the Furnaces)

Posted by martinteller on September 12, 2010

This film is, in its own words, “a call to action”.  Not documentary, not even propaganda, but straight up recruitment for a revolution.  Even if I had the knowledge to criticize its verisimilitude, doing so would be pointless, as it exists solely to support and broadcast a particular ideology.  So taking it with a grain of salt, it is rather effective, and shows a remarkable spirit of radicalism and revolution not just in its content but also its presentation.  Of course, the biggest problem is its 4-hour length, though it appears it was not meant to be shown all at once.  Part two is the longest, and unsurprisingly, the most in need of some editing.  It’s also the closest to documentary filmmaking, unleashing a flood of information about the previous 20 years of Argentine political history.  For a contemporary native, it probably served as a brush-up course… for a white American in 2010, it was a bit too much to keep track of.  Still, when I was able to keep up with all the different players and factions, it was quite informative.  Although my attention occasionally wandered (especially during part 2), for the most part I thought it was an unusual and remarkably gripping film, and one that was especially well-edited.  Rating: 7


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