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Gregory’s Girl

Posted by martinteller on September 17, 2010

A nice little teen romance, very much in the vein of John Hughes (shades of Some Kind of Wonderful in particular).  It’s not as charming as Forsyth’s later film Local Hero, but it’s cute.  John Gordon Sinclair pulls off an unusual mix of awkward and casual (Dee Hepburn, although lovely, isn’t nearly as interesting).  However, the filmmaking is inelegant, and the editing in particular seemed rather amateurish to me.  The final 15 minutes, including the “dance” scene, is the only time it rises above the level of a made-for-TV movie.  Also, this movie is saddled with possibly the worst score I’ve ever heard.  Dated, cheesy, generic 80’s synth mellow jazz/pop.  Really, really awful music.  It was bad enough to lower my rating a notch.  Rating: 6


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