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Histoire(s) du cinéma

Posted by martinteller on September 19, 2010

Goddamn it, Godard.  I had hoped this would turn out to be a reasonably straightforward look at film history.  But no, of course not.  It’s a loosely connected smattering of barely related clips, still images, and really bad video effects, with Godard occasionally muttering something meaningless.  It jumps all over the place, from Irving Thalberg to Howard Hughes to skin flicks to World War II.  This kind of free-association essay format can be interesting, and occasionally Godard nails an intriguing transition or connection, but most of the time you’re just wondering where he’s going with all this.  Answer: eh, nowhere in particular.  Some of it is just simple wordplay, a lot of it is Godard’s vague philosophical ideas.  Also, almost every film included is either American or Western European in origin.  He shows significantly more pornography than he shows Japanese cinema, for instance (in the entire 4+ hours, there’s less than 30 seconds of images from Japanese works).  The best thing about this film is that it reminds you of other, much better movies that you’d like to see again, without all the surrounding nonsense.  Rating: 5


Histoire(s) du cinéma: Toutes les histoires
Histoire(s) du cinéma: Une histoire seule
Histoire(s) du cinéma: Seul le cinéma
Histoire(s) du cinéma: Fatale beauté
Histoire(s) du cinéma: Une vague nouvelle
Histoire(s) du cinéma: La monnaie de l’absolu
Histoire(s) du cinéma: Le contrôle de l’univers
Histoire(s) du cinéma: Les signes parmi nous


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