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Out of Africa

Posted by martinteller on September 25, 2010

Gawd, I don’t even want to write about this.  It’s all fine, there’s nothing wrong with it except how dreadfully predictable it all is.  I had a pre-conceived notion in my head of what the film would be like and it turned out to be exactly that, not a surprise in sight.  Some of the interactions between Streep and Redford are a bit interesting, but for the most part everything just lies on the screen, waiting for the next ho-hum scene.  The cinematography is nice, but only because they’re using expensive equipment in a beautiful location.  There’s no vision to it whatsoever, all the shots are quite obvious.  There’s just no soul in this movie at all, it makes me wonder why Pollack wanted to make it.  Streep gets to trot out another exotic accent, Redford gets to look handsome, Pollack gets a few easy Oscars for the mantle.  Yawn.  I did like Klaus Maria Brandauer, not as good as his performance in Mephisto, but he’s pretty much the most interesting thing in the movie.  I can’t honestly say I hated watching this movie… it’s nice, in a very calculated way.  But I sure didn’t love it.  Rating: 6


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