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Mulholland Dr. (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on October 9, 2010

It’s been about 9 years since my first viewing, long overdue for a rewatch of this.  Good lord, is it better than I remembered.  I did love it the first time, but I confess to having been pretty lost.  I had some vague theories of my own, but it wasn’t until I started reading more about it that the pieces fell into place.  And watching it this time, I suddenly found something (hint: telephone pole) that gave it an entirely different spin, one that made more sense to me.  I very seriously doubt it’s an original theory, but it was neat to get this completely new take on it.  And that’s what separates this film from dumb “now go back and look for the clues” movies like Fight Club and Sixth Sense.  Lynch makes his clues incredibly FUN to discover, and furthermore allows his film to be interpreted in any number of ways, placing it in the realm of beloved favorites of mine like Exterminating Angel or Last Year at Marienbad.  And most important of all, it’s simply a joy to experience the work, whether you’re trying to make sense of it or not.  It tells a noir-esque story of Hollywood ambition and drenches it in the Lynchian aesthetic and dreamlike logic.  It’s haunting and fascinating and hilarious and sexy (oh yeah) and riveting.  I’ve never been particularly impressed with Naomi Watts in anything else (admittedly, haven’t seen that much of hers) but here she’s simply amazing, pulling off a very tricky role with guts and humor.  The Baladamenti score is terrific as always, and the film looks gorgeous.  I’m looking forward to watching it all again, hopefully a Blu-Ray is forthcoming.  Rating: 10


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