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Psycho (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on October 31, 2010

Of the stuff I’ve got waiting to watch, I picked this one for two reasons.  One, knowing that little brats in costumes would be ringing my doorbell all night, I wanted something I was already very familiar with so that the constant interruptions wouldn’t be such a big deal.  And two, it seemed like a good choice to transition from Halloween into Noir-vember.  There are a number of noir-esque elements to Psycho, in fact the first half hour is practically a mini-noir (love the use of Marion’s bra to indicate the shift in her character).  Anyway, I’ve had a trying night and ended up getting even more interrupted than I anticipated.  Besides, what can I say about Psycho that others haven’t said a million times already?  Rating: 9


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