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The Mask of Dimitrios

Posted by martinteller on November 29, 2010

A writer traces the path of a ruthless scoundrel and murderer.  This is my least favorite type of review to write, the type where I just don’t have a solid feeling about it one way or the other.  Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet are both fun to watch and have an enjoyable back-and-forth, Zachary Scott is fine, the situations are generally interesting, the film has a good aura of mystery to it.  I don’t have any complaints (the third act “reveal” is extremely obvious from the get-go, but so what?).  It just didn’t grab me that much.  It’s a pleasant way to pass some time, but I doubt any of it will linger with me and I feel no burning desire to see it again.  Rating: 7


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