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La Grande Bouffe

Posted by martinteller on December 7, 2010

Four professionals — a TV host (Michel Piccoli), a pilot (Marcello Mastroianni), a chef (Ugo Tognazzi) and a judge (Philippe Noiret) — sequester themselves away in a mansion and indulge in reckless inhalation of gourmet food.  They also invite some sexual companions: three prostitutes and a schoolteacher.  The prostitutes eventually get disgusted… but the teacher is having a ball.  No matter what happens, the hedonism rages on until… well, I won’t spoil anything.  It’s a strange and witty critique of mindless consumption with distinct Bunuellian tones… and if it hadn’t been made 2 years earlier, I’d have thought it was a response to Pasolini’s Salo.  Having previously been blown away by Ferreri’s Dillinger Is Dead, I was slightly disappointed that this one didn’t feel quite as startlingly unique, but it’s still a hell of an unusual and provocative film.  Normally, I’d be more annoyed by the scatological elements, but in this case they certainly fit.  I’m not entirely sure how much I love this movie, I need a little time to digest it (ho ho!).  It definitely confirmed that Ferreri is a director I need to keep exploring.  Rating: 8


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