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The Kids Are All Right

Posted by martinteller on December 20, 2010

Mehhhhhhhhhhh.  This movie is “all right” — as in it’s okay but not that great.  It’s better than Laurel Canyon in that I didn’t hate all of the characters, but I didn’t care enough about them either.  Cholodenko just seems to be trying too hard to make everything so gosh-darned “genuine” that it backfires and feels very manufactured to me.  I can’t really point to any particular thing and say “This was awful” or “This was phony” and there were a few nice moments, but on the whole I simply didn’t connect with the film very much.  Maybe I’m just fed up with modern, progressive, earnest domestic dramas… or as I call them, “Sundance bait.”  Rating: 6


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