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Alien: Resurrection

Posted by martinteller on December 26, 2010

This appears to be commonly regarded as the worst of the series, but I’ll put it on an even level with the third.  It’s definitely the weirdest of them all.  Jeunet directing + Whedon script + Alien franchise is a formula that should never work, and it often doesn’t… but amazingly, sometimes it does.  Jeunet working with Khondi is a winning combination, and the look of the film is superior to the previous two sequels.  The “ragtag group of space smugglers” is a clear precursor to Whedon’s “Firefly” (Ripley is actually not unlike River).  Whedon’s usual sarcastic quips and tendency for ironic genre-denying moments fit surprisingly well in this universe, injecting the franchise with some needed levity.  But it should be noted that a lot of times the dialogue completely flat, due partly to the writing… and also to the casting.  Winona Ryder is awful as usual, Dan Hedaya is so obnoxious he can’t get killed off soon enough, Gary Dourdan and Michael Wincott are too bland for their roles.  Jeunet regular Dominique Pinon is okay (except he seems to struggle with the language at times), as is Ron Perlman.  As for Weaver… well, it’s an oddball performance for sure, but a refreshing change.  I guess that’s how I feel about this whole thing.  It would be easy to poke holes in it, but it’s so gleeful in its absurdity that I found it easier to just go along for the crazy ride.  I really had braced myself for a terrible movie, but hell, I mostly enjoyed it.  Rating: 7


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