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Caro diario

Posted by martinteller on January 7, 2011

Writer/director Nanno Moretti presents a three-part video “diary” of sorts. In chapter 1, he tools around on a Vespa, talking to various people (including Jennifer Beals, proving she can’t act in two languages), admiring the architecture, visiting the site of Pasolini’s murder. In chapter 2, he goes island-hopping with his television-obsessed buddy. In chapter 3, he traverses a medical labyrinth in an epic quest to cure his incessant itch. Although each part has its charms, not all are successful. I was mostly annoyed with his persona in the first chapter, and was kind of dreading that the whole movie would consist of him harassing random passersby. The next section fares slightly better, although TV guy gets old quick and culminates in a rather dumb bit of comedy. I really enjoyed the third part, which goes the furthest in terms of experimenting with the form and it also seems the most personal (although I have no idea exactly how autobiographical it is, if at all). The film as a whole reminded me a great deal of one of my favorite authors, Italo Calvino. Not just because of the shared nationality, but also the freewheeling narrative structure and also… oh, how do I put this… casual humanism? Just the attitude of it. I ought to have liked this more, but the real barrier for me was I just didn’t care for Moretti as a screen presence. Maybe the first segment soured me too much on his personality. Rating: 7


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