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Winter’s Bone

Posted by martinteller on February 3, 2011

If nothing else, this movie operates in a very unusual milieu.  Kind of an Ozark gangster neo-noir.  I thought the film was slightly condescending at times (not quite as bad as Junebug, though) and despite the Oscar nod, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t do a damn thing for me.  In fact, I thought she was not very good at all… especially in light of Hailee Steinfeld’s unforgettable performance as a somewhat similar character.  Maybe it was some of the clunky lines she had to deliver, but she just came off as phony to me.  However, I really liked John Hawkes (a compelling actor who tends to get stuck in crap movies), and the film generally succeeds in maintaining its grim, creepy atmosphere and holds your interest.  Didn’t love it, but it was okay.  Rating: 7


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