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L’Amour fou

Posted by martinteller on February 5, 2011

Really, really mixed feelings about this.  Rivette goes to interesting places and does interesting things, but they’re not that interesting.  On the other hand, he wastes a lot of the viewer’s time with some boring stuff, but it’s not that boring.  As in Out 1, the most egregious material concerns a theatrical troupe rehearsing a classic play… in this case, Racine’s “Andromache”.  Here, at least, the rehearsals serve an obvious narrative function both as development of the overarching plot and as commentary on it.  But it’s still pretty dull stuff.  It takes an awfully, awfully long time — about 2 hours — for the film to start coming into focus.  Had I not been devoted to my obsession with completing the TSPDT list, I would have bailed after a half hour.  Fortunately, the remaining two hours are somewhat compelling… and yet, nothing earth-shattering.  I’m undecided as to whether or not Rivette needs all that seemingly excessive build-up.  I guess if this ever gets released with a decent presentation (my copy was pretty lousy, which didn’t help any) I’d watch it again, because I feel like I’m missing something.  Rating: 6


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