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Posted by martinteller on March 19, 2011

This takes the basic premise of Blood Wedding — a flamenco troupe rehearsing a performance — and kicks it up a notch.  Again, the photography and choreography is at times astoundingly beautiful, and Saura might belong with Fosse and Berkeley as one of the masters of capturing dance on film.  The “tobacco factory” scene is breathtaking.  I mean literally, I gasped when it was over.  And in this film, Saura introduces a lot more narrative drama.  The story of “Carmen”, the story of the rehearsals, and the lives of the dancers bleed together in captivating ways.  Laura del Sol, playing Carmen (and, um, “Carmen”), makes her debut here and dominates the screen with her fiery passion and knockout beauty.  A couple of scenes are a little draggy, but overall it was a delight.  Rating: 9


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